2019 to 2020 Season

Contact George Stavro – , Allstar Director for more details.
Each season the Etobicoke Hockey League offers a Select or All Star hockey program that runs in addition to the house league programme. This programme is designed for the more advanced players who desire to play hockey at a more demanding level. In order to play All Star hockey you must first be enrolled in the house league programme. All Star hockey is not available as a separate option from house league play.

Secondly you must try-out for the appropriate All Star team and then be selected by the coaching staff before you can participate in the programme. All Star hockey is divided into age categories in a similar manner to house league.
In addition you may be asked by the team to participate in various fundraising activities or for contributions to the team. Each All Star team is self-sufficient and funds are often required for entrance fees to tournaments, additional ice time, professional skating instruction, equipment and apparel purchases etc. The financial decisions are generally decided upon by a consensus of the parents and coaching staff. A team budget is voted upon and it then becomes the responsibility of all those involved to contribute towards its fulfillment.

The try-out process generally involves three open ice practices that are run by the coaching staff. Prices vary depending on the team but generally $10 to $15 per try-out is the norm. I personally recommend that parents consider taking their child out for a try-out or two if for no other reason that to provide him or her with a jump on early season conditioning. Try-outs are one hour in length and the children participate in a vigorous skate utilizing numerous drills in order to show their abilities to the coaches.
We particularly encourage the parents of our younger players (5, 6, 7, and 8,) to bring their children out to try-outs. Many parents, especially those new to the game watch the house league and decide that their child cannot possibly be an All Star. What they fail to realize is that the house league is composed of several age categories rolled together. The Minor Novice division can have 4, 5, 6, and 7 year old playing together. It is no coincidence that the A line is mostly made up of 6 and 7 year olds, the B line 5 and 6 year olds and the C line 4, 5, and possibly a few 6 year olds. The All Star programme is much more divisive in its age categories. Mites are 5 year olds. Tykes are 6 year olds, and Minor Novices are 7 year olds. Each year in age has a separate category in which to play.

So while your child may be a C line Minor Novice house league player he or she may be a 5 year old Mite All Star. It is best to let the coaches be the ones to judge their ability at these ages.

It should also be noted that All Star hockey is played away from home at various arenas around the City. We encourage parents to car pool where possible but you should be prepared to travel. Packages explaining the All Star rules will be provided to all parents who join an All Star team.